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Large Lime Production Plant/Lime Production Line

Equipment Manufacturing and Technical SolutionOur company can provide technical solutions and complete sets of equipments for quicklime (active lime) production line. We have rich experience in helping our customers both at home and abroad building active lime production line. Our professional engineers can help customers with technical solution. equipment installation. training and other services.Production Process IntroductionQualified limestone stored in silos will be lifted and transferred via bucket elevator into the hopper on the top of the preheater. In the hopper. feeding quantity is controlled by the upper material level meter and the lower material level meter. Then limestones are evenly distributed through the feed tube to the preheater's chambers. Limestones are heated by 1150 ° C flue gas to 900 ° C in the preheater. about 30% limestones decomposed. They are pushed into the rotary kiln by hydraulic push rod. sintered and decomposed into CaO and CO2. After decomposition. the limestones enter the cooler where they are cooled to 100 ° C by cold air and then are discharged. After heat exchange. 600 ° C hot air goes into rotary kiln and is mixed with gas for combustion. Exhaust goes into the bag filter through the induced draft fan. and then goes into the chimney through the exhaust fan. Lime discharged from the cooler is transferred by vibration feeder. chain conveyor. bucket elevator. and belt conveyor into the finished product warehouse.Advantages of Active Lime Production Line1. the finished product has good quality and high activity. especially suitable for large-scale lime production.2. the production runs stable. Because of negative pressure production. air flow is smooth. which ensures high safety.3. rotary kiln has simple structure and is controllable. good for operation and maintenance.4. it is capable of calcining limestone of fine fraction. making the best of mine resource.5. bag filter is used for dust collection. Concentration of emission is less than 50mg/Nm3.6. per unit of product's heat consumption is low. Rotary kiln equipped with vertical preheater can take advantage of exhaust gas to preheat limestone. greatly reducing fuel consumption.7. industrial exhaust such as blast furnace exhaust. calcium carbide exhaust. semi-coke furnace exhaust can be used as fuels for lime calcination.Main Equipments for Active Lime Production LineJaw crusher. impact crusher. vibrating screen. vibrating feeder. belt conveyor. vertical preheater. rotary kiln. cooler. bucket elevator. gas/coal burner. bag filter and so on.Company Name: Henan Zhengzhou Mining Machinery Co.. Ltd.Official Website: & Free Sales Consulting Phone: 861-0371 -5590 2866.Company Address: Qiaolou caizhai industrial estate. Xingyang city. Henan ProvincePlease pay attention to the company's other products:Price of rotary kiln: HtmlRotary Kiln: HtmlPreheater: HtmlCement Mill: HtmlRotary Dryer: HtmlRaw Mill: HtmlBall Mill: Htmllime rotary kilnspecificationsyieldspeed(rpm)Bearing number(a)reducerMotor modelpower(t/h)Φ2.8x43m8.30.62-1.53host zs165-6host YCT355-4B75ssist zs50-1ssist Y160L-611Φ3.0x50m9.40.5-1.53host zs165-3host ZSN4-280-11B125ssist zl50-1ssist Y160L-611Φ3.2x50m10.40.4-1.53host zl130-16host ZSN4-280-11B125ssist zl50-10ssist Y180L-422Φ3.3x55m12.50.92-2.743host nzs995-45vblhost ZSN-280-11B125ssist ZL42.5-10.2ssist Y160L-411Φ3.6x55m16.70.4-1.53hostZYS500-40hostZSN-315-072250ssistZYS180-31.5ssistY180L-422Φ3.8x58m20.80.4-1.53hostZSY500-40hostZSN-315-072250ssistZL50-14ssistY180L-422Φ4.0x60m250.4-1.53hostZSY630-35.5hostZSN4-355-092315ssistZL65-16ssistY200L-4304.3x60m33.30.58-3.463hostJH560C-SW-63-1/2hostZSN4-280-11B2x125ssistZL60-12-1/2ssistY160L-62x11


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