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Feeder Cart for Samsung Juki Siemens Pick and Place

Feeder Cart for SAMSUNG CP1.For storage of samsung cp feeder2.Madeby 304 Stainless Steel3.One layer,56pcs per layer4.1000x600x1200mm5.With four metal flexible castor Features and Priority1. The feeder storage cart gives your operators a secure place to put unused feeders between set-ups minimizing failures due to improper storage or handling. 2. When its time to prepare for the next job, the same carts can be used to pre-kit the placement systems tape feeder load in positive latching feeder locations using the same numbering system as used on your placement machine. 3. When its time to change over to the next job, the cart is moved to the correct placement system, existing feeders on the assembler are moved to an unused shelf on the cart and the prekitted feeder set move from the numbered slots on the cart to the same number slot on the machine. 4.  You can even dedicate on cart for use when removing the tape feeders from the previous job and another for the current set-up minimizing changeover time.  SpecificationDimension1000x600x1200 mmMaterialAluminum alloyStructureOne layer, 56pcs per layerCastorsFour metal flexible castorsModel compatibelSAMSUNG CP
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