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500tpd Quick Lime Production Line. Dolomite Lime Production Line

Our company's limestone equipment have high resource utilization. production process of fine. quality of products produced higher advantages. this equipment Get the love of users.In this process. the stored limestone conveying to the rotary Kiln for calcining. then send the slaked lime into a Cooler for cooling. producte the qualified lime products.Active Lime Production Line Main technical:The successful industry application of environment-friendly. Energy-Saving quick lime production line with vertical preheated and vertical cooler breaks traditional pattern of lime production. Due to reduction of fuel consumption significantly and reducing exhaust emissions. coupled with the adoption of pulse-packs dust-catcher purify exhaust. not only makes production cost and the energy consumption greatly reduced. but also the calcinations process of emission slandered. environmental condition is kept substantially.Main advantage:1. Good quality and high output. suitable for large-scale activity of lime production line and large-scale production.2. Stable production. all the production with the negative pressure. air flow and higher security.3. Simple structure. easy control and beneficial operation and maintenance.4. Fine grade limestone can be calcined. full use of mine resources.5. Low heat consumption per unit of product. installation in vertical kiln perheated kiln can take advantage of exhaust warm limestone. greatly reducing the fuel consumption.6. Making full use of industrial waste gas as a fuel for lime burning (such as blast furnace exhaust gas. acetylene tail gas. charcoal blue exhaust. etc)7. Kiln head adopts the design of vertical cooler integrating kiln head cover. The construction area is small. good sealing. effectively avoiding hot waste gas emissions unsystematically.8. Environmental protection. the adoption of pulse bag filter dust collecting dust. discharge concentration less than 50mg Nm3/ and below national emission standard (less than 100mg/Nm3)9. High automation level. the adjustment of production system operation. control and alarm adopts PLC to control in the control centre room. reducing artificial and improving efficiency.Company Name: Henan Zhengzhou Mining Machinery Co.. Ltd.Official Website: & Free Sales Consulting Phone: 861-0371 -5590 2866.Company Address: Qiaolou caizhai industrial estate. Xingyang city. Henan ProvincePlease pay attention to the company's other products:Price of rotary kiln: HtmlRotary Kiln: HtmlPreheater: HtmlCement Mill: HtmlRotary Dryer: HtmlRaw Mill: HtmlBall Mill: Htmllime rotary kilnspecificationsyieldspeed(rpm)Bearing number(a)reducerMotor modelpower(t/h)Φ2.8x43m8.30.62-1.53host zs165-6host YCT355-4B75ssist zs50-1ssist Y160L-611Φ3.0x50m9.40.5-1.53host zs165-3host ZSN4-280-11B125ssist zl50-1ssist Y160L-611Φ3.2x50m10.40.4-1.53host zl130-16host ZSN4-280-11B125ssist zl50-10ssist Y180L-422Φ3.3x55m12.50.92-2.743host nzs995-45vblhost ZSN-280-11B125ssist ZL42.5-10.2ssist Y160L-411Φ3.6x55m16.70.4-1.53hostZYS500-40hostZSN-315-072250ssistZYS180-31.5ssistY180L-422Φ3.8x58m20.80.4-1.53hostZSY500-40hostZSN-315-072250ssistZL50-14ssistY180L-422Φ4.0x60m250.4-1.53hostZSY630-35.5hostZSN4-355-092315ssistZL65-16ssistY200L-4304.3x60m33.30.58-3.463hostJH560C-SW-63-1/2hostZSN4-280-11B2x125ssistZL60-12-1/2ssistY160L-62x11


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